The unparalleled growth of Qatar at this point has made an unprecedented Global impact. Its position in the Global Market inspires Qatari Community and attracts neighboring countries to be a part and to take advantage of this growth momentum.

The opportunity of bringing world- class products and services entices Global Development Company to expand its horizon beyond Qatar and make an impact of its exceptional growth in the world of Business.

Our commitment to serve inspires us to link with leading organization globally to bring the best available products and services to Qatari Business Community. Consequently, we strive to earn our customers’ trust and respect that enables us to build a mutually rewarding and meaningful relationship in and outside business enterprise.

It is said that a rising tide raises all ships. Thus, Global Development Company is grateful to be a part of the rising of the Qatari Business Operations and the community as a whole along with it.

Finally, I am grateful to our constituents for the trust and confidence and for the opportunity to be of service to the Qatari Business Community.




General Manager



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